The creation of Mickey Mouse boxes was one of AAZIO's flagship projects and would set us apart from the rest. Leonidas gave us the task of developing boxes for their new round chocolate range. Their request was for a standard rectangular brown box. We wanted to create something more… “magic”.

The chocolates were round, so we were going to come up with round boxes not only because the chocolates were round, but also because they were reminiscent of Mickey's round shapes and therefore in line with the design consistency they wanted.

The design didn't stop there, round boxes with Mickey and to make it even more real and push the idea further, we made Mickey's tail come out of the box, giving an effect... REAL. These were used for several years and they asked to create boxes for each season too! So much so that we received new orders every year from HARROD’S for Christmas in order to offer them to their main big client !

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